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Ban the Hockey Ice Girls

Hi my favorite readers!
Here is an earlier post that I have been asked to republish. Some of the names have changed, but my viewpoint still holds true today..Enjoy!

Bah hum bug, I say. On today’s NHL Live!, broadcast on the NHL Network and XM/Sirius Radio, Don LaGreca and Special Guest EJ Hradek touched upon the subject of having ice girls at hockey games. LaGreca does not go for it, while Hradek likes it. “It rubs me the wrong way,” LaGreca lamented. “It rubs me the right way,” replied Hradek. It was entertaining, to say the least. πŸ™‚

I wrote a blog post about the subject matter of having “ice girls” a while ago, and today’s show brings up the necessity – I believe – to write about it again.

Background: Cheerleaders were a part of football and basketball when I was growing up. I kind of accepted that fact at the time. Plus, I was in the band and didn’t give them much attention. Nor did I give them much thought. I had other things to concentrate on during the games. When I wasn’t getting on my mark, reading music, or doing other band-related tasks, I was watching the game. I am a sports fan.

Then, during high school I saw the off-field behavior involved with being a cheerleader (that’s all I’m saying about that.)…Anyways, my viewpoint changed. I didn’t see the purpose of using women to shake pompoms, be scantily clad, attempt to rally the audience, and shake their butts all the while holding those pretty smiles. I don’t need a scantily clad woman to tell me it’s ok to cheer about my team. They’re kind of like cue cards for television audience tracks, in my opinion. Enough, all ready.

Fast forward to current: When I found out that SOME (including BOSTON??!!!…an ORIGINAL SIX??!!!) hockey teams have “ice girls” (aka cheerleaders)…COME ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Get a grip. What?…management doesn’t think their team is good enough to have fans enjoy the sport of hockey? Do they think fans are so shallow that seeing cleavage and shaking butts are all it takes to incite the crowd?

Don’t get me wrong. I’m all for everyone having a job in this day and age. Cheerleaders are athletes in their own right. They just don’t belong in hockey. Give those ice cleaning jobs to a young hockey player…he/she would relish the opportunity to skate in a professional environment. A true hockey fan will not need to have a scantily clad women shake her pom poms to get excited.

Why are women still being used in this way? Isn’t that what the feminist movement was all about? Sex does not sell hockey, in my opinion. Period. Talent, skill, humbleness, and the simple sport do. If we need to have cheerleaders, keep them in the traditional sports. Sports that are known for huge player egos and salaries, more outside-the-sport spectacles, more dumbfounding athlete acts. Not the highly specialized team sport of hockey.

If the day ever comes when my beloved Detroit Red Wings choose to have these hockey-style “cheerleaders”, that will be the day I question my loyalty.

Personally, I say Ban the Ice Girls. They serve no purpose other than to demean the sport of hockey. It’s an insult to both the fan, women, and the sport.

Oh, and here’s another thing: Why are full grown women still referred to as girls? A girl is a female who hasn’t reached puberty yet. As far as I can tell, all these cheerleaders are past puberty.

End of commentary.

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AUTHOR NOTE: Booktoots’ Healing helps total knee replacement patients find support throughout recuperation and beyond. Its mission is for patients to understand they are not alone in their ordeal with either a tkr or other physicality concerns. The site is owned and operated by Marie Buckner, a published author and tkr patient who has been living with various physicalities for over 30+ years. She enjoys sharing her experiences to help others going through the same thing.

19 comments to Ban the Hockey Ice Girls

  • 1hockeychics

    Funny, the Steelers don’t have cheerleaders and never will. Maybe that is the reason why the won the Super Bowl. I really don’t get the Ice Girl thing either. Must be a guy thing.

  • whitney

    i agree. i am a woman who was once a cheerleader, but instead of cheerleading, i would always stand there and watch the sports. i say if you have to have cheerleaders to get you pumped up for your team, you aren’t a real fan, or your team really sucks.

  • Just Jeff

    Who doesn’t mind a piece of booty to occupy the fans during icing or commercial breaks?

    They don’t detract from the game while it’s happening and provides a little something during otherwise boring time segments normally delegated for beer runs…

  • johnroxxanne

    are really complaining about having attractive young ladies scarp the ice in commercials? Give me a break it has nothing to do with “pumping up” the fans and more to do with providing some eyes candy in moments that otherwise would be boring. If people did not like it they would not be there, and really who doesnt like a little a little T&A

  • kale

    i agree. it bothers me because when I go to leafs games i like that local boys and girls hockey teams dress up in the teams track suits and allow them to pump up the crowd and scrape the ice. give the opportunity to kids where it actually means something. i’m so sick of “americanizing” the sport. if any canadian teams starts that crap i’ll stop watching. have we not come to the realization that women play sports. should we dress up cassie campbell in a bikini and have her interview the players? no because it’s embarrassing and degrating. it’s the 21st century. women can do other things beside stand there and look pretty while cheering on their man. pathetic!

  • johnroxxanne

    sure they can do many other things but some of what they can do is look amazing while skating. If it was SO degrading and horrible would they do it? Oh and give me a break you would really stop watching hockey if a Canadian team got ice girls, I call bullshit. That or you really just dont like hockey if hot ladies cleaning the ice would stop you from watching. Stop your pathetic whining and enjoy the view, all of it.

  • booktoots

    “pathetic whining”, eh johnroxxanne? I see reality is touching a nerve. There is no need to degrade anyone’s opposing viewpoint in order to make yours. That is a sure sign of insecurity.

    Oh, by the way….thanks for stopping by and leaving your comments. They are interesting and give added insight into this topic. Good luck!

  • johnroxxanne

    touch a nerve for sure. I can not believe we are arguing that having beautiful women skating is a bad thing. Are we really a nation of prudes and puritans. Enjoy the game enjoy the spectacle have fun.

  • johnroxxanne

    and just to clarify what do you mean by “reality”

  • […] for once.• Every time someone argues that Ice Girls should be banned, the Baby Jesus cries. [Booktoots]• Finally, from the Anaheim Ducks, here’s Ryan Getzlaf, Corey Perry and a bunch of rug-rats […]

  • JPuck

    I had to sit through a whole “Cirque Du Soleil” bull**** spectacle at Joe Louis a few years ago. During the playoffs no less. Asians hanging in the rafters from silk scarves next to names like Howe, Sawchuk and Yzerman, I think I can handle a few scantily clad women.

  • kale

    Are we really a nation of prudes and puritans.

    oh yes because women dressing scanilty clad is so modern. women dressed in nothing, only there to cheer/serve their men is the most barbaric, old school ritual of them all. i have a daughter and i’d rather see her play hockey or run a team (wearing a suit) and being equal to men then to have her in a bikini with drunks oggling her and have her cheering on men.
    it’s the 21st century. you sir are stuck in the past.

  • kale

    my point is i’d rather see kids skate on an NHL ice rink and have the NHL team support local hockey teams as opposed to hiring a girl in a bikini. it means something to the kids.
    if those youngs girlswant to show off their T&A and get cat called then they can go get a job at hooters.

  • johnroxxanne

    As for the argument about being stuck in the past, give me a break. I would be more then willing and happy to see a women behind the bench coaching or a female GM, but at the same time if hockey had that many female fans I would also not be angered if there where male cheerleaders or some such equivalent. All I am saying is that there a far worse things to get worked up about instead of freaking out about a little skin.

  • Jpuck

    Kale, I’m not sure what you took from my comment, but I never expected to illicit the response you gave.

    I only meant to point out that I’ve seen far more inane things in far more sacred places(hockey wise) than these ice dancers. They don’t faze me.

    If it were socially acceptable to see men in those positions I don’t doubt that some team executive would be more than happy to slot them in. If I were a more socially minded person in respect to gender equality I’d be much more upset about the puck bunny club that the Capitals set up for it’s female fans. But I do not and never have seen the world in terms of gender roles, which I have been told can come across as bigoted. I react the same to a female CEO as I would to any of those ice dancers. Some people aspire to different things and as long as they are afforded a chance to do them I’m not inclined to judge them for it. What I think is bigoted and foolish is thinking less of those women because they are out there doing something they(most likely) enjoy.

    As for me being stuck in the past, I doubt it.

    If ice dancers helps keep a franchise afloat and there are people willing to do it, I don’t see the problem. I don’t go to a game to watch them anyway.

  • johnroxxanne

    here here Jpuck well said.

  • Jen

    From an MLS cheerleader/promo girl…..

    Since this is super old, I’m sure no one will read this…but c’mon!!! Seriously? I thought we were past the days of people being “threatened” by cheerleaders and pretty girls. If you think these girls are “useless” I disagree, but it’s a fair enough assessment if you know little or nothing about cheerleaders and promotional teams. (which I will get into shortly)

    But to imply that it’s “sexist” not only smacks of insecurity, but is a completely antiquated notion!!!

    If you have a nice body why NOT show it off??? It’s not like they are standing there naked…they wear long pants and a mid-riff baring top!!! Do all of you people have some sort of issue with seeing a freakin’ STOMACH??? A nice one at that? I know I have a nice flat tummy, have no problem showing mine off in my uniform!!! Most women who complain about these things are really just insecure about themselves, and hide behind the guise of screaming sexism.

    Why is it that no one complains about the mascot if he “does nothing” the team “doesn’t need anyone” to pump up the crowd? As a cheerleader/promo girl for a professional soccer team, you should all know that these girls don’t just stand there and wave pom-poms on the ice. They go to several events to promote the team, they go to charity events, and they interact with the community on the teams behalf. So no they aren’t “useless”.

    Well…. I’m off to shake what my momma gave me, thanks πŸ˜‰

  • booktoots

    Hi Jen,
    Your comment brought a chuckle to my nice, flat tummy. πŸ™‚

    Wanting women to use their minds instead of bodies to make a living is not sexism or insecurity, just a fact.

    Also, mascots are fully dressed. I wouldn’t compare myself to a mascot if I was you. You’ve gotta be better looking than that. πŸ™‚

    Hockey has enough action in it to keep my attention without the need for additional hoopla like mascots or “ice girls”. That’s my opinion, anyways.

    Good luck!

  • Florrie

    I agree. As an old-time hockey fan, I feel this is an attempt to Americanize hockey.

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