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Being Sensitive to the Cold - Total Knee Replacement

Recently, a number of you (my favorite readers!) have contacted me with a tkr recuperation concern. I believe it is worth sharing with everyone. It seems that some were wondering if it was “normal” to get cold so easily. As they were talking, something rang a bell in my thought processes. “Ah…being extra sensitive to the colder weather must be part of the healing process,” I thought to myself.

It’s just funny how I didn’t think much about this aspect prior to hearing others being concerned about it. Yes, I too, find that I need to get “bundled up” more than I normally would. It seems that I get chills much easier than I “normally” would.

At home, fleece and/or flannel clothing work well. Even a knit cap does wonders during the night.

My knee is still swollen (almost nine months after my tkr). This means that my immune system is still not up to par. So, I need to take extra precautions that the average bear would not have to.

It could be much worse. Oh well, so be it. Maybe this information will help others going through the same situation. As Red Green likes to say, “We’re all in this together.”

Find interesting? Kindly share..Thanks!

14 comments to Being Sensitive to the Cold – Total Knee Replacement

  • wow, knee replacement sucks 🙁

  • booktoots

    I was not making that point at all.
    Sorry you misinterpreted it that way.

  • Janice Upton

    I have also been “cold” since my surgery btkr the end of June. My family and I have disagreed about using the ac and now that it’s getting cold outside we’ll probably argue over the heater now! I understand what they’re all talking about being sensitive to the cold

  • ginny

    hi i had tkr in jan of 08 and am doing well. i havent had my teeth cleaned in a year and recently went in to have it done. this new dentist, in a new town, told me i should have extra deep cleaning (lots more expense) done so i wouldnt get any infections. is this just a come on?? so the dds can earn more? i have never had any more than routine cleanings and fillings and dont have any particular dental problems. any help is appreciated greatly

  • booktoots

    Hi Ginny,
    I just sent you a private email, too. In my case, I was told that for two years after my tkr I would need to take antibiotics every time I had any type of dental work done.
    My dentist believes this is “old school” thought. Time will tell. For now, it’s simply a precautionary measure.
    Like you, I do not have any particular dental problems. It’s strange having to take antibiotics just for a dental cleaning. 🙂
    Good luck!

  • I follow your blog for quite a long time and must tell that your articles always prove to be of a high value and quality for readers.

  • karen

    My dentist is very progressive and she takes plaque scrapings before teeth cleaning (which should be done twice a year). Under the microscope you can easily see the amount and type of bacteria in the mouth. They arrive from many different sources- and are not an indication of how clean one is. Have a peek and decide if you want to risk that bacteria from making its way to your replacement. As for me- there is little harm in being cautious.

  • Joyce Allen

    I had tkr end of august 2013 and the cold is really bothering me and sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night with my leg acheing really bad. Am wondering if this gets better?

  • Connie howard

    Right after I had my tkr in 2009 my legs started having cold sensations I could not get them warm seven years later I still have the same problem.
    I have a heating pad under my legs an electric blanket on top two pair pants on and still I have coldness in legs. I can hardly sleep.

    Kr was glad I had that done because I had a bakers cyst behind knee that prevented me from doing so much. But this coldness in legs is so bothersome
    I thought I would share

  • Hi Connie,
    Thanks for visiting my site and posting your tkr coldness comment. I feel for you, as I am certain others will. I can only recommend seeking medical advice for your concern. Hopefully, it will get better.
    Keep in touch and best of luck!

  • Jean Mayer

    I’m now 67 and previously has broken right foot, then left ankle and damage to my left knee. Two years last week since left knee went for replacement….STILL have sensitivity to cold (leg and feet) and the “needles and pins” sensation. I realize that it apparently is taking me longer to heal than some others given my various injuries and the doctors keep telling me that all is okay, but getting annoyed that I still have this problem. The calf area on that leg seems extremely sensitive to touch or when my cat walks by me and touches it…anyone else still have these issues years later? This site has been extremely helpful to me over the past two years.

  • Linda

    I have had both knees replaced and I stay cold. There are times that I am do cold that no matter what I do I can’t get warm. I walk around the house with a sweater on all the time and I even wear a sweater to bed. I’m glad to hear I’m not the only one. ?

  • Hi Linda,
    It’s nice knowing you’re not alone, isn’t it? 🙂 Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to leave your cold sensitivity comment. I am still that way and it’s been 8 years since my tkr.
    Keep in touch and good luck!

  • Becky

    Thank you for helping me. I have been cold for one year and a day-Jan 27, 2016 was bmkp. Healing is going well, but I think I need to boost my immune system more, too. And keep sleeping with my heating pad!

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