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Hoping that the days and nights of June fill you with an abundance of good will, good health, and prosperity. Keep improving in 2018!

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I’m not a medical pro, On whose advice you should heed, So please beware that, What works for me, May not suit your need. (aka Waiver of Liability)

Information provided on this site is meant to complement and not replace any advice or information from a health professional.
The intended mission of the site is to help people dealing with total knee replacements and other physical concerns realize they are not alone.

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Bizarre Weather

Today is the day of the most bizarre weather I’ve seen in a long time. It was sunny earlier, so I decided to get out and enjoy the fresh air while getting in a walk with my new knee. So, I get in my car. As soon as I drive onto the main road, it starts downpouring. Then, hail. It’s April 19 in WA state.

so, I decide to go grocery shopping instead. As I am driving back home, the sun comes out. It has stopped raining and the skies are clear. Go figure.

Now, two hours later….I am sitting in front of my computer looking out the window. it is hailing big time! The grass is a blanket of white, the patio is covered with hail, while ice pellets are simply bouncing off the railings. My windows are getting smacked. And…the motorcycle training class is still going on…lol

Wow…and now it has stopped. No wait…it’s started back up. What a day..:)

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