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Easy Balancing Exercise for TKR Folk

Hi my favorite readers! Recently, a number of you have contacted me and expressed balance concerns.Us tkr folk need to rebuild our balance. It takes time and continual work.

I have written about this topic previously, but thought it was appropriate to share another simple exercise. The exercise starts at the zero balance level. It worked for me, so it may work for you. You don’t need any fancy equipment, either. All you need is a firm chair and a flat surface.

Stand behind a firm chair, like a recliner or sturdy kitchen table variety. Place one hand onto the chair’s top. This will be how you support your body weight.You may find it easiest to face the chair and place both hands onto its top. This stance is perfect for those wanting complete security during this balancing maneuver. You can also stand with either your right or left side against chair. Use one hand to hold onto the chair. The choice is yours.

Gently lift your right foot from the floor. Only lift it as far as you are comfortable with. Doing this will shift/place all your body weight onto your left leg. Keep holding onto the chair.

Hold this position for five to ten seconds, whatever is comfortable. Slowly lower your foot to the surface. Rest for 10 seconds. Repeat this maneuver 10 times.

Do the exercise again by lifting your left foot.

This exercise will gently strengthen your muscles until you reach the point where you can stand on one foot without any assistance.

If you’re like me, getting your balance back involves continuous, very small steps. It feels strange to place all your body weight onto your tkr leg. Do not rush this entire process. Doing so increases your risks of injury. And…we don’t want that.

Hope this helps others going through the same thing.

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1 comment to Easy Balancing Exercise For TKR Folk

  • Getting your balance back after a joint replacement is crucial and as you have explained, takes some time as the surrounding muscles not only have to be strengthened but, joints proprioception has to be reestablished as well.

    Standing unilaterally on one leg as you have written is a common and effective exercise used by rehab professionals along with many others such as heel raises , partial mini-squats, and tandem standing where you place one foot in front of the other and stand for 10-15 seconds with upper extremity support as needed.

    Also of course a great place to always work on balance will be the pool. You will regain a lot of your prior balance back with further strengthening and time but, the new joint also will need some exercises for fine tuning as well.

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