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Exercise Bike Sturdiness & TKR Recovery

Rehabilitation from a tkr, ranging from initial stages to more advanced ones, includes riding a stationary bike to improve knee flexibility and muscle strength. Not all exercise bikes are created equally, though. Have you thought about that? I didn’t before my tkr. Understanding the importance of bike sturdiness can prevent injury. Why, you ask?

When first using a stationary bike, known as an exercise bike, your tkr leg will not be flexible enough to comfortably perform the entire pedaling rotation. Your healthy leg will do the majority of the work while your tkr leg goes along for the ride. And, when the pedaling motion emphasizes using your tkr leg, since your leg will be so straight, it’s only natural to lean over to your healthy side. Leaning over to the healthy side can easily lead to tipping over unless your bike is made out of heavyweight materials that increase overall sturdiness. The exercise bike I have weighs 100+ pounds and is next to impossible to push over. In fact, it takes everything (almost, anyways..:) to just move it around so I can position it safely to use.

Before purchasing any exercise bike, try it out to see how it holds your body weight and body leaning. Have someone with you, for safety purposes. Also give the bike the push-over test. If it easily falls over, forget buying or using it. I know that’s common sense, but every piece of advice helps. Plus, the older I get, the more I realize not everyone has common sense. Sad, but true. I’ve read numerous online articles about using an exercise bike while recuperating from a tkr. Nowhere have I read about placing importance on the bike’s sturdiness and why. So…know that sturdiness plays an essential role in your safety while recuperating from a tkr.

Some exercise bikes can be made out of a ‘real’ bike placed onto a portable base turning the bike into a stationary bike. The bases I have seen appear flimsier than traditional-style exercise bikes. In fact, I have seen healthy-legged individuals almost tip over while using these devices. Maybe there are more expensive versions that specifically prevent tipping over, I don’t know. If you want to try them, you may have better luck.

Hope this helps everyone going through the same thing.

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