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How Modern Technology Harms Us

Back in the 1920’s, Thomas Edison was warning people about how he envisioned science becoming out of control and beginning to harm people. I think we’ve reached that point. Modern technology has advanced so rapidly and provides a wealth of amenities to make life easier. It also is making us a dumber society full of brainless drivers. In particular, I am speaking about the modern gadgetry found on new automobiles.

Modern technology is turning drivers into robots that are not smart enough to properly operate their own car. Visions of the Jetsons come to mind..only, the drivers I have seen are not even that smart. Some young female driver cut me off the other day, without turning her neck so much to see me. She was looking straight ahead when she pulled into traffic. So, I had to slam on my brakes to avoid hitting her. That’s good defensive driving and a testament to my good braking system. However, after I honked my horn, she turned and saw me, stuck out her tongue and flipped me the bird. That’s just one story about disrespectful and stupid drivers. It happens all the time, as I’m sure you have your own stories to tell. I’m not even getting into the amount of drivers who text or use their cell phones while driving or who sit in their cars texting after they are done pumping gas (while others wait in line).

Case in point…a parallel parking device that parks the car for you. If you cannot perform this function, DON’T DRIVE!! Give me a break..Drivers are not supposed to learn how to judge the distance between cars, from the curb or maneuver their car into a position? How is this device supposed to make life easier for fellow drivers?

Here’s another one. There’s a computer chip that checks whether anyone, or anything, is behind you. The purpose of this technology is to make pulling out of a parking space or driveway easier. It’s supposed to lower your chances of hitting someone due to having blind spots or poor visibility. Here’s a hint…if you cannot turn your neck enough to look behind you…DON’T DRIVE!! How about checking your car’s surrounding area and making certain it is clear before jumping in and backing up? Is that too difficult? I think not. How about doing what pilots do and yell “CLEAR!” prior to moving the car?

I have seen more than one individual drive while wearing a soft neck collar. One friend said she felt comfortable doing this and couldn’t understand what the deal was. I know of someone else who has a fused neck (with screws and plates) and is unable to turn his neck at all. He still drives (and flies a plane) and ridicules me because I refuse to drive or fly with him.

Or, if you are too lazy to use proper driving techniques to operate your vehicle…DON’T DRIVE!!!

What happens when these high-technology devices fail and people have to use their driving skills to get by? It’s a sad state of affairs, indeed.

Off note:
I saw a road sign the other day that stated…”Pull over for emergency vehicles.” WHAT??!! This has to be a roadside sign? How stupid have drivers become? What happened to learning that important fact during your driver’s training class? Don’t people put what they learned on their driving test to “real life” driving situations? What is currently being taught?

Another point…drivers who operate a vehicle without the capability of being able to turn their neck. Whether it be a fused neck, neck injury requiring a collar or brace, or any other physical reason..driving without being able to turn the neck is dangerous and stupid. It endangers the lives of the driver, passengers, and other motorists on the road. And…don’t tell me that it’s no big deal to drive while wearing a neck collar or having your neck fused. I don’t buy it. Tell that to the person laying in a hospital bed due to you not seeing them while driving.

Motor vehicles are not toys. They are deadly weapons that deserve respect and proper handling. People need to learn that. Having modern technology take the place of common sense good driving is utter stupidity, in my opinion.

End of commentary. Find interesting? Kindly share…

6 comments to How Modern Technology Harms Us

  • booktoo1

    Hi Michael,
    Thanks for visiting my site and leaving your positive feedback. I’m glad you find my site interesting and helpful. Keep in touch and good luck!

  • Thanks for the information.
    I have bookmarked this blog.
    Keep it up…


  • Cool. I’m Chuck Norris.

  • Glad to meet you, Chuck Norris. I’m the Queen of Peru.

  • Sandra Goldstein

    Agreed! This is something that drives me crazy. My pet beef is the satnav. Back in the day, people took to the road with maps and did sensible things like looking out for road signs – and following the instructions. We got from A to B well enough then, didn’t we? And, in relative peace and quiet, too! Now, it seems, people are incapable of driving a few miles to the shops without help from some atonal computerised voice – or, if you’re crazy enough, Homer Simpson. My sister swears by her satnav but I’ve been out with her enough times to know that if it misdirected her towards a cliff, she’d drive off the edge of it. Something about satnavs makes people oblivious to what’s going on around them and, yeah, those voices are just an irritation. Why are we automating our brains into a stupor? Doesn’t make sense. Love this post. Keep ‘em coming.

  • Hi Sandra,
    Thanks for the kudos. And..I love your response! It’s very entertaining. Thanks for the laughs. 🙂 Glad to know someone else agrees with me about technology issues.
    Keep in touch and good luck!

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