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Lifting Furniture After A TKR

Hi my favorite readers!

This is a reprint of a popular article/post of mine. I’m reprinting it due to receiving numerous requests regarding the subject matter. Enjoy!

I haven’t been on here for a while since I’ve been moving. While moving I received insight into how lifting furniture affects my tkr. I thought I’d share….

During a tkr recuperation, we all know not to lift heavy items. I was curious to see how that applied to 2.5 years post tkr. After all, I’m done with the recuperation process. Well, not lifting heavy items still applies. Don’t get me wrong, there was no way I was going to attempt lifting an item that was out of my comfort zone as part of my move. Other items, such as a solid wood night stand, were doable.

First, I received pain along the inner portion of my tkr. It was unusual since I haven’t had pain in that area before. I stopped moving as soon as the pain started. It was a deep, almost throbbing, type of pain. The pain was enough for me to take an aspirin. (Aspirin, or white willow bark are my drugs of choice.)

Secondly, my entire upper knee began to hurt. It wasn’t a throbbing pain, but more like a sharp, deep pain. It was as if my body weight was being forced onto my tkr and my tkr didn’t like the impact. Strange..I knew if I continued that I may cause harm. So, I stopped.

I needed to elevate and ice my leg after just a few hours of maneuvering furniture from one flight of stairs to another, going downstairs. That reminds me…

Here’s a great tip to help those having to move from an upper level to ground level – use the stairs as a slide. It was quite doable to maneuver the furniture in a manner that allowed it to slide. I just held on to the end closest to me to prevent any wall damage. It took awhile sometimes, but I didn’t mind. I found this sliding maneuver to work well as opposed to lifting items and carrying them downstairs.

If I had to move from a ground level to upper level, no way in blazes I would carry furniture up the stairs. My knees would go on strike for better pay. And, the sliding maneuver …well, it probably would work. I’m just too lazy to find out.

Go slow and be safe. Move in the morning hours before temps heat up. Drink plenty of cold water. At the end of the venture, a cold brewski may help. 🙂 (Only if you’re not taking any meds…please!)

Hope this helps others going through the same thing.

Find interesting? Kindly share…Thanks!

4 comments to Lifting Furniture After A TKR

  • Thanks for explaining this, you’ve done a better job than i ever could!

  • This is an intriguing topic. I’m always looking for valuable resources to show clients and my coworkers, and your post is definitely worth sharing!

  • I’m 13 weeks after a TKR on my right knee. Yesterday I carried a heavy shipping bag on that side. I could not understand why my knee was so painful last night, I iced it, elevated, took some pain meds. It has taken a complete nights sleep and rest to feel anything like normal again. You think you can do things like this but obviously not yet!

  • Hi Sue,
    Thanks for visiting my site and sharing your experience. I’m sure we can all relate. The same thing has happened to me. 🙂
    Keep in touch and good luck!

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