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Milan Lucic Lacks Class

Hi everyone! As any of my regular readers know, I am a hockey fan. It is currently the NHL Playoff season. A fantastic time of the year! Only better time is the actual Stanley Cup Finals. Anyways…

It’s a long-standing tradition to have a handshake line after any series concludes. This is a time to show support, comfort, and solidarity for a sport truly loved. That is until some jerk decides to show otherwise.

For the first time in NHL history, a player has disrespected this treasured hockey tradition. Milan Lucic, of the Boston Bruins, decided to use this platform to display an utter lack of class and hostility towards an opposing player. It is totally uncalled for, appalling, and a complete shame.

The Boston Bruins have a tremendously talented team. There is absolutely no excuse for this type of behavior. I don’t care how “BOSTON STRONG” they want to be. There is nothing strong, AT ALL, about this behavior. It displays ignorance, uncontrolled negativity, and hostility.

Milan Lucic is fun to watch play. He’s very talented and usually a good spokesman for the sport. His using the handshake line to suit a hostile purpose is completely unwarranted. It displays an utter lack of respect for this treasured tradition. He needs some class, intelligence, and respect. As competitive as the sport of hockey may be, there is no reason for him doing what he did. It was a premeditated move.

To top it off…he could have made amends during post-game interviews. Sometimes people say stupid things in the heat of passion that just aren’t true. He chose not to do this. He choose to emphasize the situation and enhance the negativity. The media just encouraged it.

Lucic could have chosen the route of staying silent or stating “it was between him and me.” He didn’t. He doesn’t have the class nor strength to do that. It takes a strong person to do that. Apparently, his true lack of strength came through.

If there was a way to fine or somehow punish Lucic for this behavior and episode, I am all for it. I am frightened this may just be the beginning of a media frenzy that classless players fall into.

I feel an honored hockey tradition has been tarnished.

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