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Natural Remedies for TKR

We all know how trying the recuperation process is after having a total knee replacement surgery. And, I have written prior blog posts about different ways to ease the process – especially pain and swelling.

Here are some easy methods I use that have, and still do, work well.

Bananas. The potassium in bananas has helped me, tremendously, with my recuperation process. I find that they are a quick pick-me-up. They also provide a sense of relaxation by calming my nerves. And, if there are any muscle spasms (which I have sometimes)…they ease that. All in all, I have become addicted to bananas during my tkr recuperation. No complaints. Wait…there is one complaint. They ripen too fast.

Icing. First thing my surgeon said upon visiting after my surgery was “the best pain med you can take is ice”. I thought that was pretty cool. Instead of promoting drugs (and sometimes they sure do come in handy!), he was promoting a natural alternative. Ice is not only a natural pain reliever, it is CHEAP!! Woohoo!! There have been times after exercising that I will put ice onto my tkr knee. It hurts because my knee is so warm and the ice is so cold. Oh well. And, I will ice for 20 minutes without giving it a second thought. Some may think that is too long, but it works for me.

Elevation. Placing my bionic leg onto a pillow helps ease the pain. I have to be certain that my entire foot is on the pillow. Otherwise, there is an unnatural bend in my knee that does not do me any good.

Massage. Massaging my total knee replacement leg helps ease pain. I find using the palm of my hand works best and causes the least amount of distress.

Shoes. I have known the importance of good walking shoes for years. However, after my recent encounter involving testing a shoe lift out..this area is imperative. Even though my shoes are great for the office, they are not for walking trails more than….I don’t know the distance yet. 😕 And, yes, these are “standard” walking shoes. High heels and fancy shoes are not my friends. Anyways, after my recent walk, I noticed bruising and reddened skin on my tkr foot. What kind of “walking shoes” are those?

Hockey. I find that watching hockey helps me put things into perspective. To watch what the players go through just amazes me. And here I am complaining about a bruised toe. Something’s not right here. 😕 Plus, there is something fun about …I really do not like violence…yelling at the tv when a fight breaks out…”Smash the bum!”

Humor. Life can be difficult. Finding ways to tickle your funny bone is essential.

Gratitude. I find it helps to stop and think, no matter how much pain I am in, what I was like prior to my tkr. I couldn’t walk a city block, stand up without excruciating pain, do stairs, and carried crutches everywhere. Recuperating from my total knee replacement surgery has been trying, difficult, and very time consuming – but I am so grateful I had it done.

Music. Music soothes the soul. It is the universal language that all understand. Lose yourself in it. You will forget about the difficulties involved during your tkr.
I’m confused. I’m listening to ‘Love Songs’ and the tune is about breaking up. What kind of love song is that?

Good luck!

Hope this helps others going through the same thing.

Find interesting? Kindly share…Thanks!


6 comments to Natural Remedies for TKR

  • sharon

    hi marie,
    you have just described in your blog, life with a total knee replacement. you hit the nails on the head with everything. ouch!! i also do the banana thing ever since my preadmission when they told me i was low on potassium. so i had to eat a banana a day until my surgery. but i found that they ripened too soon also, so i found these “baby bananas” and they are smaller but just enough to do the trick and last longer, because you don’t need to eat a large one to get the benefits. just a little fyi (no pun intended). take care and keep on blogging, i check in with you all everyday.

  • booktoots

    Thanks for your comment and kudos, Sharon. 🙂 I’ll have to look for those “baby” bananas. Good suggestion.

  • Peggy

    Good resilient shoes also help give knees relief from walking on hard surfaces….real knees or prosthetic!

  • booktoots

    Very good suggestion, Peggy! Wish I would have thought of it. 🙂

  • Toni

    Yes, I have 2 bananas (green) per day, take Magnesium and Selenium (for quick healing), and sometimes if the cramps are too much then I take a quinine tablet. Phew, what a nightmare all this. It takes very long to heal, but little bitties everyday helps. Good luck to all.

  • Hello Marie. I can relate so much with your post. I saw my parents uses that alternatives to ease that process. I want them to have longer years in these world and i owe you so much for sharing this knowledge . Thanks

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