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Saga of the Metal Femur Rod

Hi my favorite readers. While working on my long overdue book, I came upon some information I forgot’s an excerpt from my book about being in a body cast. Here it is:

My femur sure has been through the ringer. I keep forgetting about different things, since there are so many.

For instance, upon initial hospitalization, I was put into traction. The weights were on the foot-side of my bed and my leg was in a sling. My thigh was in the sling, actually. The cloth sling kept moving, so I needed to keep pulling it back under my thigh.

It turns out that my femur bone was not aligned properly. This caused a 1” overlap, which resulted in my left leg being shorter than my right leg. The initial fracture was about 2-3” above my knee.

Fast forward six months. My femur was not healing fast enough, so I was told, so surgery was recommended. Orthopods wanted to put in a metal femur rod with a bone graft to speed the healing process.

The bone graft was to come from my left hip. And…the rod was to be inserted from my left hip area. There is a 2” incision located at the point where the hip and femur meet…on the front of my body. And, another 6” incision along the outside of my left leg.

Well…fast forward again. I refractured my femur about an inch above where the rod ended. The rod needed to be taken out. There is a 1” scar on my left hip area where this was done.

Find interesting? Kindly share….Thanks!

1 comment to Saga of the Metal Femur Rod

  • I went through the same thing years ago from a motorcycle accident. After two surgeries on the femur and the swelling was reduced I laid in a body cast myself from May until mid September not fun at all as you recall. The rod is still in to this day the surgeries were in 1973! Today things have changed a bit thank goodness. Interesting story thanks for sharing it.

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