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Swelling 18 Months Post TKR

Hi everyone. Let’s start our talk about swelling 18 months post tkr by setting the venue and scene. The other day I was treated to an outdoor event that had me walking and climbing stairs. It was a bull riding event at the local fair. That’s right…bull riding! Yeehaw!!

It’s especially cool when the bull tosses off the bull rider, snorts, stares at the audience and then struts himself around the arena. That’s entertainment, in my books. 🙂 And…we cannot forget those taut cowboys. Oh myyyy… I’ll stop and get back to the purpose of this article. Swelling 18 months post tkr.

Anyways, the day started with me squeezing into the back seat of a low riding sedan. It was not a pretty site, but all was fine and dandy. No problems. Walking around the fair was fun. Checking out the animals was cool. And…there were exotic animals like zebras. Hadn’t seen that in a fair before. Cool..

Then, time came to go to the bull riding event. Tickets were in the grandstands. I didn’t give it much thought until I saw the steps. Yikes. I couldn’t climb over the rows like your average bear. So, I needed to go to the main step thoroughway and walk my way over.

And, as someone stood up for me to pass, they didn’t pick their wive’s bag up. So, I needed to lift that ten pound purse on my own. It was so large, I couldn’t step around it. (I figured her back must be crying on a regular basis).

As the event ended, I walked to the main thoroughway in the bleachers again. Then, I looked down at the step. Yikes again. Gulp. It was steeper than any step exercise (or curb) I had maneuvered. And, there were no railings. I regaled a story about confronting a similar size step. It was fascinating to me but I’m not certain whether my audience thought so.

My friend offered to help me, but no…I’ll do it myself. I’m no weakling. (I have this inability of thinking I can’t do things myself). I ended up going down those stairs sideways. My tkr leg just couldn’t bend enough to handle it “the regular way”. Bummer..18 months post tkr.

Getting back into the car was another interesting fiasco. Even with the front seat up for driver comfort, my leg was crying since it was pressing against the back of the front seat. Yikes again. It could have been worse, though.

As I got home, getting out of the car would have made a great YouTube video. It was butt first after many attempts for a “normal” departure.

When I got into my home place and prepared for a night of relaxing, I noticed that my tkr leg was swollen around my tibia area. This has happened during tkr rehab, but not much since. The swelling was noticeable from my tkr (I keep using that for search engine happiness.) knee to mid-region. The swelling stopped about half way between my ankle and knee.

It did not hurt, however. Interesting. I forgot to ice it. Note: If figured I had walked about 6 hours that day.

I got up the next day (yesterday) and the swelling was gone.

Thought I’d share this in case anyone else is going through the same thing. Thanks for listening.

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AUTHOR NOTE: Booktoots’ Healing helps total knee replacement patients find support throughout recuperation and beyond. Its mission is for patients to understand they are not alone in their ordeal with either a tkr or other physicality concerns. The site is owned and operated by Marie Buckner, a published author and tkr patient who has been living with various physicalities for over 30+ years. She enjoys sharing her experiences to help others going through the same thing.

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5 comments to Swelling 18 Months Post TKR

  • Yeehaa…..bull riding! You’d love Texas……

    Happy birthday!!!!


  • sharon

    hey marie
    sounds like your having a great time. you are brave to do the steps yourself. but it is comforting to know that one day i will think i can do it on my own too. question for you, have you ever had the alarms go off when you go through stores? i just had three intances that the alarm went off when i walked through a home depot, and bed bath and beyond and a sears store. my husband was embarassed and laughing, as the managers looked me over. because it was when i was walking in also, not only out. i think i should wear my tkr card as a necklace from now on. haha well take care

  • booktoots

    Hi Sharon,
    I had a hilarious reply all typed up until this site kicked me out. Now I have to do it again. Humor may be hard to duplicate.
    That’s hilarious how you have set off the store alarms. Luckily, it hasn’t happened to me.
    It would be a good idea, however, to have it happen when I’m in the bakery section. It would make me get out of there before I bought something I’d later regret.
    I love your idea about the necklace. lol

  • Wow, mine has never set off an alarm! I wonder if the type of knee you get makes it do that?

    I did have to go to the local police department a few months ago to talk to a detective who was working on a case involving counterfeit checks that we took at our store, and when he took me back through the secure doors, I asked him if we’d be going through a metal detector, and he asked me if I needed to!!!! I explained about my knee and that I was just curious if it would set one off…..he thought it was funny, but I told him I’d probably never fly again, so I can’t just go to the airport to walk through security…..

    It’s the little things in life that entertain me……..

  • sharon

    hey marie you might have just given me an idea for some stylish necklaces. however i don’t want to draw attention. but when i was at the dentist yesterday, the girls that know me asked how my knee was and i told them i had a revision since last in and the receptionist said “wow you look great, i would have never known” and i said my mother taught me that if you look good you feel good. well she LIED. haha i said thank you but if i looked like how my knee feels, i wouldn’t be allowed out in public. lol but i got to thinking that those non-tkr people must think that we have to have a certain look, and that is upsetting. so maybe instead of necklaces, i should make badges to flash like the FBI when we enter stores. i have to give this more thought! lol well take care

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