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The intended mission of the site is to help people dealing with total knee replacements and other physical concerns realize they are not alone.

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TKR Leg Straightening Exercises That Make a Difference

Hi everyone. I’ve been receiving numerous emails about tkr leg straightening exercises. It seems that an update to a previously popular article is in order. I am leaving the original comments intact so you can gain further insight.

Leg straightening was of particular interest to me during my initial tkr recuperation stages. I had […]

A Shocker 19 Months Post TKR

Something interesting happened a couple of days ago, 19 months (WOW! ALREADY!?) after my tkr. As part of my exercise routine I like to lift myself up onto the balls of my feet. I hold onto my stationary bike as I do this. Or, I’ll simply hold onto the kitchen table. I hold onto a […]

Hot Knee & A TKR

I’ve had some inquiries regarding hot knees after a tkr. It brought back some memories I’d like to share. Ahh…memories.

For about the first five months after my tkr, every time I would get done exercising, my knee would get warm. Depending upon how strenuous my exercise was, the heatness would vary.

When I was still gaining […]

Leg Straightening TKR Update

My previous blog post consisted of an easy exercise involving the straightening of the bionic knee during the recuperation process of a tkr. When I ended physical therapy 11 months ago, my knee range was 95. It’s been an ongoing process since. I still have a ways to go, too.

Update…There are some days […]

Another Leg Straightening Exercise & A Tkr

Even though it has been 11 months since my total knee replacement, I still have issues straightening out my leg. This is due to my hamstring still needing stretching.

A great way I have found to do this involves not propping my leg on a pillow while sleeping or stretching out. I just lay […]

Another Hamstring Exercise for a Total Knee Replacement (or anyone, for that matter)

Here is a simple exercise that does the job with a total knee replacement recuperation. It helps both stretch out and strengthen the hamstring. It also works on the flexibility of the knee.

1.Sit in an office chair with wheels.
2.The floor surface must be flat like linoleum.
3.Pull yourself across the surface using only your […]

Another Hamstring Stretching Exercise for TKR

1) Lay flat on your back with a firm surface underneath. A bed is perfect.
2)Pull your toes towards your waist.
3)Keep heel on surface.
4)Hold this position for as long as you can.
5)Feel the stretch behind your knee.
6)Move your foot back to supine position.
7)Repeat as needed to stretch properly.

This is a great exercise when first out […]

Another Good Hamstring Exercise & TKR

Seven months after my total knee replacement, my knee flexibility still needs working on. I’m not complaining, just stating a fact. This blog post discusses a hamstring exercise that is cheap and convenient.  I experimented with it a couple of days ago, and it worked out great. So, it’s been added […]

Using Hills as a Walking Exercise-tkr

While recuperating from a total knee replacement, I have found it advantageous to walk up and down small hills.  It’s taken four and a half months to do this, however.  The incline provides me with a good overall leg workout, along with circulatory benefits.  The decline seems to mainly work on my quads and knee […]

Continuing Total Knee Replacement Rehab

Hi everyone! It’s been four months and a week after my total knee replacement surgery date and my knee is still swollen, my flexibility still needs improved, and my hamstring still needs stretching.  It seems to be taking longer than what I had originally expected.  The medical people told me I’d be swollen for […]