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Technology Woes

Does anyone else get a headache from reading:

UR instead of your
U instead of you
B instead of be
2 instead of to
or any of the other text messaging stuff?

I do. Call me old fashioned, I don’t care. Does modern technology mean the end of spelling?

I recently received a message from someone (not responding to my blog here..:) ) whose entire communication consisted of that kind of stuff. The ENTIRE page-long message was like that. And, it was via email so there was no reason for it. I can see maybe on a cell phone. Even then… When I commented to him about it, he thought it was funny. Spare me.

I’m leaving now since I have a headache.

1 comment to Technology Woes

  • Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!!

    It drives me crazy too…..just the other day, I asked my sister if it was really that much harder to type “your” than “ur”……she ignored me! And just this morning, I posted on my facebook about bad spelling, even on the internet news sites, and that if you are going to put something in print or on a sign, make sure everything is spelled correctly and the letters are facing the right direction!

    I know my husband is afraid I’m going to get a nosebleed from being up on my soapbox so often……

    I think it’s an “age” thing……kids today, especially in Texas, spend more time studying for the TAKS tests, that they don’t have time to learn anything…..they just learn to take and score well on the tests, so the school/district will get their ratings and more money…..when I was a kid we learned the basics, the three “R’s”……..

    Stepping down now…!


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