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The Clicking Bionic Knee

Just within the past few weeks, some of my readers have commented on the fact that their tkr (total knee replacement) knee clicks. At that point, the news was surprising to me since it hadn’t happened to me.

Well, today it happened. And, it’s the strangest thing. I could hear it, but not feel it. My knee is more swollen than usual, but I just attribute that to the ongoing recuperation process from my total knee replacement surgery – which by the way, is almost 11 months ago.

I kept walking, and the click stopped. Then, it would start again. Bizarre.

6 comments to The Clicking Bionic Knee

  • William Grusendorf

    I had a second knee replacement after the first replacment became infected.I hear and feel the clicking. It does not hurt. Does anyone else have this problem?

  • Brenda

    William, I have a clicking knee with no pain after T KR and I am told this is OK.
    Sometimes I am sure that others can hear it, but my husband says he can’t.
    If that is the only problem you have now, I thik you are doing very well.

  • William Grusendorf

    I saw my doctor today. The x-rays showed my knee was picture perfect. She said this is quite normal. My wife could hear it if I raise my leg near her ear. I’m glad you wrote.

  • sharon

    my knee replacement done 7/08 was clicking too and i sit here today with yet again 65 staples in my knee after my tkr revision done one week ago. clicking is not always normal. ex-rays don’t show everything. and only YOU know how it feels. trust your own judgement and insist on your os looking at all aspects.

  • Oh dear………I can’t imagine having this done again!!!!

    Best of luck to you!


  • Randy

    Had TKR on 8/10 All during rehab have had clicking in knee. Sometimes it does and at others it does not. My KR was a Stryler type. PT said it was normal and should go away. Will have 2nd TKR in November. If this one clicks also I will have a built in Metronome.

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