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The Immune System & A Total Knee Replacement

Taking care of yourself after a total knee replacement (tkr) is imperative. I know that applies to every day and everyone, but those of us recuperating from a tkr – it is doubly important.  Here’s my story…

After having a prolonged cold, of which I rarely get, I was scared about the intensity of my symptoms. So, I called the doctor. (Remember….I am not a doctor callin’ kind of person. Prior to my tkr, I RARELY needed the services of a doctor since my health was overall very good. I didn’t even have a general family doctor, since I didn’t need one. This isn’t intended as bragging, simply stating a fact.)

Anyways, I had never had such a serious cold and was concerned about it turning into a bacterial infection. Us total knee replacement patients (at least I am) are super sensitive to infections. When I described my concern to the nurse, I asked if my swollen knee was a result of my immune system still being “not up to par”. I knew that a cold was a result of a weak immune system.

“Yes, your immune system is still recuperating. That is why your knee is still swollen,” is what I heard. I was told that if it lasted for another couple days (it had already been two weeks), to go see my general physician. Luckily, I just started drinking more warm liquids and eating soft foods. The symptoms were greatly decreased in two days. So… doctor. Whooppeee!!!  (Nothing personal against doctors. 🙂 )

I am only relaying this information since it is amazing how everything in the human body is tied together in some form. To me, the human body is awe-inspiring. (Even with my still recuperating bionic knee).

Everyone heals at their own rate and in their own way. Respect the intricacies of the human body to heal itself and adjust to the foreign object it has in it now (aka “bionic knee”).  Help it along as best as you can.

Hope this helps others going through the same thing.

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