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Using A Laptop After A TKR

Some of my readers asked about how to use their laptop while recuperating from their total knee replacement surgery. I was doing this one week after my surgery, and have a few suggestions that worked well for me. It was too painful to sit with my feet on the floor during this time period. Besides…I didn’t have the flexibility to do that. ๐Ÿ˜•

* Sit on a sofa with a pillow behind your back. I’m a stickler for good posture. ๐Ÿ™‚
Place your tkr foot onto a coffee table. Yes, there will be room between the sofa and table. This will help stretch out your hamstring. It may be painful, but what part of your tkr recuperation isn’t?

* I found putting some ice onto my tkr knee helped. You may decide to not do this…your choice.

* Put a pillow onto your lap. Make certain the distance/angle between your laptop and arms is not too much. I like to have my lower arms parallel to my laptop to avoid any carpal tunnel effects. The pillow I use is not too fluffy and provides a nice cushion.

* Type away.

When it starts to get warm, just move the pillow & laptop onto the side for a bit.

2 comments to Using A Laptop After A TKR

  • I believe that it is not the computer’s heat that affects my tkr – it is bluetooth. I believe that the radio waves affect the metal in my prosthesis and that it heats up. If I use my laptop in my lap or while in bed, my knee becomes instantly hot and I experience an intense pain in the operated knee which is unlike any other post-operative pain. What is more, the pain lasts all day.
    My physiotherapist and my surgeon are researching this but they too believe that the laptop is causing my prosthesis to heat up and that the pain from it is acute. I was bending 130 degrees until yesterday when this recurred and I am now back to 120 and a very swollen knee.

  • Maureen Wood

    I too have been experiencing acute pain in my TKR when using my laptop.The pain persisted for the rest of the day after I stopped using the device. My first thought was that the heat from the laptop was warming up the metal joint and then the heat was radiating into the nerves. But recently I wondered if it might be an electrical effect as I am getting some effect even though I have raised the laptop away from the knee. I am not sufficiently savvy to suggest what it might be.

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