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Mind Control & A TKR

Actually, you can use your mind anytime…but I wanted to mention some of the things I have seen from people recuperating from a total knee replacement or dealing with the topic of falling. And, this blog post is in response to a couple of my readers who said I was lucky I didn’t fall or hurt myself. Luck has nothing to do with it. I am a careful individual. This post is not written as an attempt to belittle anyone, just to state how important the proper mindset is during a tkr recuperation.

First of all, I don’t put myself in situations whereby I could fall. I use my common sense. I watch where I walk. I use extra support, if needed. I know where holes are, where uneven payment is. Safety is number one, in my books. I view new recuperation or walking situations as opportunities.

This reminds me of the time when I was working with a lady who continually complained about her aching back. So..she gets up on a step stool, the top step, and reaches upward until she starts to lose her balance. “I hope I don’t fall,” she said as she climbed up the steps. Why even think that? She was setting herself up to fall. From looking at her, it was obvious she was out of her “core/reach area”. And, she didn’t hold on to any support with her opposite hand. What do you think happened? She fell. There was a loud crash, a scream, and everyone scrambled in to find her laying on the floor. Result? She sprained her ankle and had to use crutches for awhile. All because she put herself into a situation where she could fall and thought she was going to.

When I do encounter situations where my balance is weak, I just take my time. I do not let any possibility of falling enter into my mindset. “I can do it. Slow, take it slow,” is what I tell myself. I’m like that little train going uphill. (Remember that image?) Nowhere do I say…”I hope I don’t fall”. “I’m going to fall”. “I don’t want to fall.” I do not even think of that word. I know I am not going to fall and do not even let that word enter my mindset. I make sure my surroundings are secure. And, I do more exercises to increase my balance.

Again…This reminds me of during physical therapy when I would watch other tkr patients having a difficult time on walkers. They were of different ages, shapes and sizes, too. We all have difficulties when first becoming ambulatory after a tkr. There’s no doubt. I remember one woman who kept saying, “I’m going to fall! I feel like I’m going to fall! I can’t use this thing!” With that kind of mindset, how can she succeed?

It is good to know your limitations, but why tell yourself you’re going to fall? It makes no sense.

I hope this post has not offended anyone.

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