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What's With EJ Hradek & NHL Live!?

I have been wondering where E.J. Hradek has been during the recent NHL Live! Broadcasts. He’s been absent for 2.5 weeks. Word from the show (given during a recent broadcast) is that he’s “on assignment”.

During yesterday’s show (Monday, December 1, 2008), Don LaGreca mentioned that he has received many emails from viewers and fans wondering what’s going on with EJ. “He’s ok, he’s fine, he’s not fired,” is what LaGreca said. Hmm…

I have not been able to find anything on the Internet regarding the Hradek situation. Whatever. Anyways, Jim Dowd is doing a great job filling in. Or…maybe he’s the replacement. 🙂 It’s nice to hear his insight since he’s an NHL player who is currently not playing. Plus, he presents information very well while also remaining entertaining and informative.

So, whatever is up with E.J. Hradek – well, I don’t mind watching and listening to Jim Dowd. In a sense, I prefer him.  As I said, it’s fun hearing an NHL player’s insight into the sport. Plus, he’s better eye candy. 🙂 (Did I say that?)

The NHL Live! Show on the NHL Network (Channel 215 on DirecTV) is still a great one.

3 comments to What's With EJ Hradek & NHL Live!?

  • Shawn

    You know what? I’ve been wondering the same thing. I originally had thought EJ was just taking a vacation but something is definitely up. I’m loving Dowd, although as Flyers fan, I wish he was still playing for us this year, and Clement is always great.

    I think NHL Live “might” be looking for a replacement for two different reasons. One, the merger with XM and Sirus might have had an impact on the contracts for the station etc…who knows, all I know is that it’s an XM/Srirus owns the actual station, sanctioned by the NHL of course. Recently, I’ve been DVR’ing the shows as they air on the NHL network(Love that channel) and watching them when I get home from work, since I usually listen to Ron and Fez on XM at the same time.

    My second thought in all of this was, since the Avery Blowup, I wonder if EJ is doing something down in Dallas, maybe getting ready to take a secondary position down there now that Hull has been disgraced by this whole situation. Who knows. EJ is VERY close with the Dallas organization, still, and talks about it all the time and now this happens in the middle of a melt down, so I wouldn’t be surprised if it was related…BUT, this is FAR too much time to go without him on NHL Live.

    While I love all the co-hosts with Don, EJ brings that chemistry that I love about the show, the tit for tat they have with each other is missing. Even though I disagree with EJ on many things, he”s great for the show, and I love seeing him work with Don.

    Oh well. I’ll bookmark this blog in case there are any updates or If I can find anything at all. Googling doesn’t seem to bring up anything, only EJ’s normal ESPN Hockey reporting that he’s still doing. If it is an assignment, it’s a pretty huge assignment that’s gotta be monumental as EJ is integral to the show.

  • AJ

    Show is much better without the EJ Hradek. He is a fool, who can’t even shave or sowever for show ?! Much better with Jaffe ! Anytime Hradek was asked about a game he said he either missed it or only caught a few mins cause he was watching another game. Useless.

  • JCC

    Totally agree with AJ. Sorry, but I always thought EJ was an idiot and a pretender. Dowd and Bill Clemment have both been terrific. Both ex-nhlers, so they know what they’re talking about. I like Jaffe too. I hope they keep ’em rotating- it’s interesting. I dread the day I turn it on and EJ is back.

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