11 Ways To Stay Safe During Smoky Conditions

Hi everyone. In addition to dealing with our COVID-19 pandemic, protests, governmental dilemmas, we are now living with poor air conditions caused by California wildfires. YIKES!! I was wondering why I woke up smelling smoke last night. Now I know.  It is difficult enough recuperating from a total knee replacement, but combined with poor weather conditions – it can be unbearable. Here are 10 ways to stay safe in smoky conditions.

  1. Keep a reserve amount of medications/inhalers available at all times. For those requiring these items, running out can endanger health. This is common sense, but needs to be mentioned. I am so grateful I do not require medications/inhalers. I feel for those of you who do.

2) Close your windows. Keep your windows closed to prevent smoky air from entering your living abode or vehicles.

3) Blink often. This is one I easily forget to do. Harmful air particles can easily attach to your eyes. Blinking keeps your eyes healthy by distributing moisture and oils across the surface. This moisture keeps eyes hydrated which prevents harmful particles from attaching to the surface.

If needed, remember to use eye drops. This is especially important if you have any eye health issues.

4) Rinse your eyes. I like simply rinsing my eyes with fresh, filtered room-temperature water. Plain, simple, and economical.

5) Run air conditioners. I understand this keeps internal air cool and circulating. Central air involves closed windows. When using one-window models, remember to close all windows.

The CDC recommends keeping the fresh air intake valve closed. Keep your air filter clean and replace when dirty.

6) Keep fans running. This circulates air, preventing staleness. It also keeps dust from accumulating on surfaces.

7) Stay indoors, if possible. The less time you spend outdoors breathing harmful air, the better off you are. Common sense, folks.

If you must go outdoors, consolidate your visits into one trip. Make short trips. Take precautions. Breathe through your nose and exhale through your mouth. Avoid deep breaths.

8) Drink water. Staying hydrated and flushing your system of any harmful particles is time-tested good advice.

9) Wear a mask. These are different than the cloth face coverings used during our COVID-19 pandemic.  There are respiratory masks available from your pharmacy. Talk with the pharmacist for more information about which ones are beneficial and which are useless.

 10) Keep your indoor air as clean as possible. Take responsibility for lowering your own pollution level. Do this by not using candles, incense, and/or fireplaces. Remember that smoking or vaping hinders air quality.

a) Air purifier. Consider using an air purifier. It not only circulates air, but also removes harmful particles.

11) Stop vacuuming. It recirculates dirt particles. Personally, I don’t see any problem with this recommendation. (joke attempt)

Contact your medical care provider whenever needed.  Emergency rooms are typically full of with people suffering from poor air quality during smoky weather conditions.  Stay safe and contact your doctor at the first sign of any concern.

NOTE:  When we are recuperating from a surgery such as a total knee replacement (tkr), our immune systems are hindered. We are in a high risk category that includes heart disease patients, elderly people, respiratory hindered folk, and the like.

Especially true in our COVID-19 pandemic, you MUST take responsibility for your health during smoky conditions. You, and only you, can prevent further damage.

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AUTHOR NOTE: Booktoots’ Healing helps total knee replacement patients find support throughout recuperation and beyond. Its mission is for patients to understand they are not alone in their ordeal with either a tkr or other health concern.

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