3 (Three) Year Post-TKR Update

Hi everyone! I just returned from my 3 (three) year post-tkr follow-up and wanted to post an update in case you’re at the same level or going to be.

As I’ve mentioned previously, prior to my total knee replacement (tkr), my legs were different lengths due to a car accident fracturing my femur..or thighbone, causing my thighbones to be different lengths. Prior to my tkr, I was wearing a 1.25″ shoelift.

After my tkr, I started wearing a 3/4″ lift since that’s what the measurements showed was appropriate. Well, it’s been three years and something fishy was going on with my lift. And..pain was developing in my opposite-side hip and knee.

In fact, my opposite knee (right side) was beginning to exhibit signs of arthritis…swelling, pain and crunching. And, the pain in my hip was totally unusual to me.

Anyways, upon going for my update, I mentioned the main purpose of my visit was to figure out the correct lift size. I questioned whether my legs could change length and was told, no.

The functioning changes, but not the length. Interesting. I mentioned that sometimes after too much exertion, my knee swells and it seems to affect my leg length size. It really is interesting, I believe. Frustrating, but interesting.

Sidenote: I recently took an extra pair of prior well-fitting shoes on vacation. After walking so much all day, my leg seemed like the lift wasn’t enough at all when I tried the shoes on later that night. Strange is an understatement.

Back to story: Anyways, current measurements taken in the doctor’s office show the correct size is now 1-3/8″. I bet anything that once I start using that new lift, my opposite-side ordeal will be conquered. Can’t wait. Hope it works.

My x-rays were perfect. No problem. In fact, everything else was honkey-dorey. I attribute it to good health, exercise and eating properly. 🙂 And, a successful total knee replacement surgery.

Hope my tkr blogger insight helps others going through the same thing. 🙂

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