7 Ways to Speed Up Your Knee Replacement Recuperation

I have been receiving quite a few questions about how to best speed up the recuperation process after going through a total knee replacement.

I wrote an article about this earlier, but thought it would be a good idea to reprint it here to help everyone.

Feel free to leave any comments and experiences you may have to help others…

Having a total knee replacement surgery is only part of the process. How you deal with the recuperation to actually use your new knee is another part. It, actually, is the hardest part. Only you can determine the extent of your success.

Here are some ways I have noticed an improvement in my total knee replacement recuperation. My knee is getting better every day because of them. They may work for you. Here goes…

Every hour on the hour, get up and walk around. Your level of recuperation (and physical therapist) will determine whether you use a walking aide.

Do as much as you can for yourself. Do not rely on others when you can easily do it yourself. You will only be hurting yourself.

Know that it will be painful. You cannot get around having pain after a major surgery. Bummer.

Take a pain med prior to your exercise. I find that ½ hour beforehand works best for me. This will help your exercise regimen. Of course, your pain meds will decrease as time goes on and your level of recuperation increases. The sooner the better, I say.

Set a goal for your knee flexibility. Find a ‘hash mark’ on the floor that you want to stretch your foot to. Lift your leg farther than an earlier attempt. Your physical therapist can help with this.

Keep icing. After every exercise bout, I use a variety of icing methods. The best is a simple ice pack. Or, frozen peas & carrots work well. 🙂

Elevate. Keep your leg elevated when not exercising. This helps the healing.

Recuperating from a total knee replacement takes work. There were many times when, if looks could kill, my physical therapist wouldn’t be here. Lol

Good luck!

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