8 Factors Affecting Air Quality and Breathing

Hi everyone. Some of you are noticing difficulties breathing and have asked me about my situation. Other than what I have previously written about, I have come up with 8 factors affecting air quality and breathing that can easily be passed along. So, from first-hand experience….

Smoking/vaping – anything associated with nicotine. I don’t care how vaping is marketed, it’s nicotine carried via vapors. Symptoms may not be as quickly noticeable as tobacco smoking, but it still pollutes the air.

Tobacco. My body is super-sensitive to tobacco in any form. Whether it be second-hand smoke from cigarettes or cigars, smokey rooms, breathing someone’s tobacco breath, or any similar situation – I react.

Body odor. No description needed. Please.. soap, water, and effort is all it takes.

Bad breath. No description needed on how this affects air quality and breathing.

Cologne/body fragrances. Au naturale has my vote. I hope there’s not a commercial fragrance with that title.

Cleaning agents. Many commercially-prepared agents affect air quality. Start using natural sources like bleach, baking soda, and/or vinegar for results at a fraction of the cost. It’s amazing how a little baking soda on a wet cloth can scrub away grime.

Scented candles. Some more than others affect air quality and breathing.

Dust. Not everyone is sensitive to dust. I am. I once ended up with horrendous symptoms by attempting to sleep in a room full of dusty 40-year old collectibles.

My guests did not understand my breathlessness, migraine, nausea, vomiting, and sluggishness. I never stayed there again.

Well, I think that’s enough for now. Air quality does affect breathing, to some extent. Depending upon your individual situation, you may have it better or worse.

Remember, there are many more reasons that your breathing may be negatively affected. I recommend performing a Google search for health information on this topic, if interested.

Hope this helps others going through the same thing.

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