A Different TKR Exercise Perspective

I’m sitting here looking at my exercise bike and suddenly realized something. Things have changed from when I first started using the bike after my tkr. Now I can actually ride it without almost tipping over. Why is this something to write about? It’s a world of difference. Here’s why…

What is interesting about undergoing a total knee replacement, I feel, is the importance of doing regular exercise. Only, when we start doing the exercise, it’s not called that. It’s called rehabilitation, physical therapy or recuperation. In my case, instead of thinking I was doing exercise, I thought about how much more flexibility I could get that day, how I could move my leg just a quarter of an inch more than the previous day at times, etc.

Even to this day, almost 21 months post tkr, I am concerned about increasing my flexibility. See, if I sit for an extended period of time, my tkr gets stiff. I need to stretch. If I don’t ride my stationary bike daily, I feel hindered. It’s not complaining, just a fact.

Now, I find myself thinking …”I need to exercise”, not “I need to do 10 reps of isometrics in order to get muscle strength to move my leg”. It’s quite different. Anyone going through the same thing will agree, I am sure.

So, it’s time for me to go exercise. That’s so much fun to say for me. 🙂

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1 thought on “A Different TKR Exercise Perspective”

  1. Running was a huge part of my life for nearly 30 years. It was the only exercise I did since I hated riding a bike, I didn’t participate in any group sports, and I can’t stand being in a gym on a treadmill. I did my rehab for my TKR faithfully for the first 4 months following surgery…then began to taper off as I felt more normal. However, your way of thinking of “rehabilitation” as “exercise” made a light bulb go off. I finally broke down and now have a stationary bike coming to my house today, and I will learn to embrace the need to exchange the “R” word for the “E” word. That, and the realization that no, I won’t be able to run again, but walking with out pain and my knee giving out is such a gift that I need to appreciate!

    Your website has been my go-to place for information since my TKR back in May 2009. Thank you for sharing your story and continuing to give me hope and information!

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