A Memorable Journey: Buses, Stairs, and Walking After A TKR

Today is the second day in which I have become a homebound couch potato whose main source of companionship is an ice bag. There is a reason for this situation:

An important meeting was scheduled for Friday in which I needed to use a multitude of commuting options. I had hesitation about the buses due to their steep steps, but this form of transportation was both cheap and convenient (so I thought). Stairs are a part of the total knee replacement recuperation exercises us patients are given. I view them as an exercise each time I see them. …onward and upward.

The day started out well, with no aches or pains whatsoever. In fact, I was looking forward to getting a good day’s exercise in. “Stairs and walking are good for my knee,” I convinced myself upon departing for my day’s journey.

When the bus driver mistakenly told me I was on the wrong bus, in a foreign part of town, that’s when the day took a turn for the curious.

My four descents and ascents into buses turned into eight – just to get to where I needed. The journey wasn’t over, though. It, actually, was just beginning.

Upon finally arriving at my destination, only 40 minutes late, I was greeted with a 30-step (I counted them) staircase that I needed to climb. Once, again, “Oh, I need the exercise. No problem,” I said to my meeting partner.

All was fine and dandy until my return trip. Descending the stairs suddenly became more difficult and painful. Getting off the bus was uncomfortable. My “natural” leg started to hurt in both the knee and hip area. There was a pinched nerve in my total knee replacement (tkr) aka “bionic” leg that was a source of pain. Still…I trucked on. I had no choice. 😕

The timing couldn’t have been more perfect for my day’s commute to end. By the time I had arrived at my car, I was ready to take the weight off of my feet.

When I got home, I knew I needed to ice both of my knees. My bionic knee area is normally swollen, still, but was twice the size. (It’s been 11 months since my tkr). Good thing my water and electricity are on. 🙂 Too bad the ice melts so fast. 🙁

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