A Natural Way to Strengthen Eyes..

Do you take your eyesight for granted? I hope not. That is definitely something to be treasured and worked on. It’s always amazing to me when I see individuals doing work or crafts that involve great amounts of upclose, detailed work. Kudos, I say.

Your eye muscles need strengthening and stretching just as much as any other muscle in your body. In addition to doing the typical exercises of rotating, sideways moving, distance gazing, etc…here’s an activity that will not only work your eye muscles, but provide a great deal of fun….

Watch a hockey game. Not the beginning levels, since players are still developing speed and agility, but more advanced levels such as those found in the NHL. The higher up in the hockey echelon, the faster the play. These elite athletes make the game appear easy and effortless while instilling a sense of wonderment.

While patiently (?) waiting for the upcoming NHL season, I had a chance to watch a repeat of a playoff game the other day. Having not watched hockey for a while, it was very entertaining to realize what an efficient eye workout that sport is. And..I was just sitting on the sofa. Just watching the players and following the puck during the game involves active movement of eye muscles. Nice…

So, if you already love hockey..this provides another reason to love the sport. If you don’t enjoy hockey (and, please don’t say you were watching a fight and a hockey game broke out…:?…that’s old)…you can begin multi-tasking while enhancing your health and spirit. 🙂 Go for it..

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