A NHL Network Thank You

Thank you to the NHL Network for making at least one Detroit Red Wings very happy. I just saw a repeat of Game 6 of the Stanley Cup Final, where Detroit won the Stanley Cup.(One can never see that game too many times, in my opinion. 🙂 )

Well, when the Cup series was originally broadcast on NBC, they did not televise the team picture and the entire process involved in winning Stanley. In fact, almost as soon as the winning goal was done – the ads to purchase hats and tshirts was on. It was disgusting and left me feeling very empty. I felt shut out of the entire celebration.

However, thanks to the NHL Network, I finally got a chance to see the entire celebration of winning the coveted Stanley Cup. There were no commercial interruptions nor needless interviews – as seen on broadcast television.

The team picture was great, just great. Watching the entire process was very rewarding and left me with a feeling of warmth and contentment. I felt like I was a part of my beloved Red Wings victory instead of a “shut out”.

Thank you NHL Network! You rock!!!!!

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