A Quick Thank You

I wanted to take a quick moment and, once again, thank everyone who has ever participated in my blog. Without you, this blog would not be the success that it has become. This blog has recently reached over 78,000 readers…that is an accomplishment that is due to you and your input.

Booktoots’ Weblog has become a welcoming support community where others can come and express their ideas and concerns about undergoing a total knee replacement (tkr) and/or hockey. It is a treasure to be able to see how we all encourage each other and provide inspiration.

Thanks for bringing a smile to my face and spirit, my online friends. 🙂

1 thought on “A Quick Thank You”

  1. 4 weeks today post tkr and had a very vigorous session with physio yesterday afternoon…………….managed three backwards pedals on the bike. Last night worst pain in night so far and today knee very stiff and painful. Don’t know about these pain killers, they may be taking the edge off, but that’s about it. My progress is soooooooooooooo slow, making it hard to be happy and optimistic, but keep on trucking in the hope that soon my knee will begin to loosen up. Still feel that tight “bandaged” feeling around the knee. Know what you mean about trying for another inch, in my case quarter of an inch, I’m like that too, but makes you wonder how older people over 70 and so on make out with the rehabilitation and at 58 I find it so hard.

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