A Real Life Verizon Story

The hockey and/or sports fans among us are probably familiar with the “Hockey Fans Aren’t Like Other Fans” Verizon commercials. They’re good ones, even though I still have to figure out how a cellular company ties into it. Oh, wait. It’s called V-Cast since you can watch the NHL hockey games on your phone.
Anyways, That ad reminded me of an episode that recently happened in real life….

I was standing at the grocery checkout counter, minding my own business. Since it was a cold day, I had my beloved Detroit Red Wings jacket on. And..I live in a NW marketplace. As I preparing to pay for my purchase, I hear…

“You have your guts wearing that jacket around here.” I turned and the lady behind me looked about 65 with carrot top colored hair. Always believing its better to be nice than awnry, I reply…”That’s great you know what the logo stands for. Some people around here don’t”

Her: “Damn straight I know. I’m from San Jose. The only reason your team has won more games than ours is because you’ve played more games.” (This was prior to San Jose winning the President’s Trophy)

Me: “You’re team is fun to watch. They’re doing really well.” I take the philosophy that those in second, or a threatened position, tear apart those in first. So, that’s why she was tearing the Wings apart.

Her: “Damn right we’re doing well. Your team sucks. If my friend saw you wearing that jacket…she’d take you outside and pummel you.”

That did it. She said my Red Wings suck.

Me: “Oh yeah, let her try. She wouldn’t get far. Besides that, I like watching your team to see them lose.”

She didn’t come back with anything.

By this time the checkout lady was getting impatient. “Ma’am…your order….”

I took out the money needed for my purchase.

Me: “At least we both are hockey fans”

Her: Thumbs up, smiling….”YEAH!”

I chuckled the rest of the day and have retold this story to whoever will listen. It reminds me of those Verizon commercials, which I just love.

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