A Rocking Chair For Total Knee Replacement

Hi everyone. We all know the importance of improving our flexibility after a tkr. How about using a rocking chair for total knee replacement exercise? When done correctly, you will feel a wonderful stretch along the front portion of your tkr.

All you need to do is position yourself in your favorite rocking chair. Sit upright, being sure to use good posture. Make certain your feet are firmly planted on the floor’s surface. Gently start rocking back and forth at a slow pace.

* Just keep rocking forward until you feel a pull. Slowly return to the original position. For myself, this works well for 5-10 minutes. It’s a wonderful warm-up exercise maneuver. It also works well on those days when you are feeling a little stiff.

Don’t have a rocking chair? Don’t worry..you can use an exercise bike. Put your feet on the pedals. For your right knee, bring the right pedal to the uppermost position.

* Gently start rocking/moving the pedal back and forth until you feel a gentle stretch. Use your left leg as an anchor to add resistance. Hold this position for five seconds, if desired. Do the opposite with your left leg.

Yes, it likely will be painful. No one ever said that recuperating from a total knee replacement is easy. As you progress in your post-tkr period, the pain will diminish.

Hopefully this will work for you, too. Good luck!

Of course, be sure to check with your medical care provider before starting any new tkr exercise maneuver.

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