A Shocker 19 Months Post TKR

Something interesting happened a couple of days ago, 19 months (WOW! ALREADY!?) after my tkr. As part of my exercise routine I like to lift myself up onto the balls of my feet. I hold onto my stationary bike as I do this. Or, I’ll simply hold onto the kitchen table. I hold onto a firm surface to balance myself. Prior to my tkr, this was easy to do. It’s a great workout for my calves, ankles and hamstrings. However…

I did this exercise with my non-tkr leg and lifted myself onto the balls of my foot easily. Then, I went to do the same thing with my tkr leg. Wow. To my surprise, I could barely lift my heel up. And, I’m not overweight. It wasn’t more than ¼ of an inch, actually. And, it took all my energy to get it to move this far. I was shocked. It’s not like I haven’t been exercising for the last 18 months since my tkr, either.

Anyways, I kept at it while taking numerous breaks. I needed to take breaks since it was really working out my hamstring and wasn’t too pain free…if you get my drift. It was like a rehab exercise that just pooped me out. I noticed that after I was done doing this exercise, the front of my tkr knee was swollen. Bizarre.

So, yesterday (the day after my mind-altering discovery), I did the exercise again. I could lift my heel up about ¾ of an inch. It was much easier to do. The lift, however, is still not as dramatic as my non-tkr leg. I’ll keep working at it since it is a great exercise. I really feel my muscles working and I like that.

Thought I’d share this with others going through the same thing.

Find interesting? Kindly share….

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