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Hello my favorite readers!

I wanted to take a short moment and remind everyone about something. During the past couple of weeks more than a few visitors have contacted me, asking for legal or medical advice.

Remember…I am not a medical nor legal professional. I do not offer professional guidance of any kind – whether it be from a medical or legal viewpoint.

This site is simply about tkr recipients sharing experiences about what they have gone through in an attempt to support each other.

I do not take responsibility for any actions taken by my wonderful readers after visiting my site. Remember, what works for someone else, may not work for you.

I will offer this advice:
If you need legal counsel, please find a lawyer who specializes in medical issues. They are probably classified as personal injury lawyers. Get a referral from friends, go online and do a search and/or contact the lawyers who run television commercials.

As far as medical advice, consult with your doctor or other medical care provider. These specially trained professionals understand your personal situation and have expertise in dealing with tkr issues.

Hope this helps! Best of luck to everyone!

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