Aerobic Dancing after a Total Knee Replacement

Hi my favorite readers! It’s always nice to have a variety of exercises available when recuperating from a tkr. (Or anytime, for that matter). Actually, it takes time to even get use of leg muscles after surgery, but recently a new technique has come back to me. Aerobic dancing after a total knee replacement.

Prior to surgery, this was my main exercise. It’s very enjoyable – usually. However, after surgery…it just was not happening. I tried doing it about 5 months after my total knee replacement, and it was too painful. There still was not enough flexibility to make it anywhere near pleasurable. So, I tried it again last week. Wunderbar…:)

Six months after my tkr date, my knee is still swollen and the flexibility needs to improve. However, I can move my knee and leg enough to get some simple, movement limited dancing in. There is no joint pain….woohoo!

And, no, I will not go public for a while. 🙂 Even then, who knows….

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1 thought on “Aerobic Dancing after a Total Knee Replacement”

  1. My name is Russel, I am a Tango dancer in US. I got a Hip Resurfacing done at Wockhardt Hospitals India by Dr Malhan. My new hip is better than new. I have 99% of my
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    I especially appreciate the extra time Doctors at Wockhardt spent with me explaining the
    procedure so I would better understand how to rehabilitate! Once again,
    thank Wockhardt for the wonderful job they are doing !!!

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