Anaheim Ducks Beat Detroit Red Wings in Triple OT…and…

I had to step away from watching NHL Live!, broadcast on the NHL Network/ Sirius and XM Radio, today when a guy from California came on the phone line. This guy had the audacity, though he meant well, to complain that the Anaheim Ducks needed better goal keeping. I say…..SHUT UP!!!!!!!!!!!!

His comment came after Anaheim beat Detroit in Triple Overtime, 4-3. What a great game! Those two teams are so much fun to watch. I love the way Detroit “boos” Pronger every time he gets the puck. 🙂

Well….no Hockey Song in today’s blog post. 🙁 Can’t win ’em all.

Looking forward to the Pittsburgh Penguins V Washington Capitals game on Versus. Starting now…. It’ll be a good one!!

Enjoy the 2009 Stanley Cup Playoffs!

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