Another Benefit of Exercising after TKR

We all know the importance of exercising during tkr recuperation. However, once recuperation stops, exercising needs to continue. There are a variety of benefits, many of them I have written about previously. A new one happened yesterday, two years after my tkr.

I was sitting at a desk for most of the day. Throughout the day, I would stand up and move around. Stretching was good. When the day ended, though, my tkr knee area was painful. All areas, not just the front were causing discomfort. My nerve alongside the outer portion was touchy, the back of my knee was both stiff and painful, and my ankle was telling me something needed to be done (it was stiff and uncomfortable). And, my lower back was causing discomfort. Woah…

When I got home, I was very tired. Instead of going inside, making dinner and just relaxing…I went for a walk. My body needed to move. It was a 30-minute walk. Great weather, kind of chilly, but still nice.

What a difference! It took about three minutes to get everything moving fluidly. The more fluid my tkr leg moved, the less pain and discomfort there was. Nice…:)

The day ended with my being a happy camper, enjoying a great meal and relishing in watching some good ole hockey. 🙂

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1 thought on “Another Benefit of Exercising after TKR”

  1. Although I am only 3 months out from my TKR, I have to agree with this wholeheartedly. I have been released from my PT, but continue to do my exercises. When I get up in the am, I am stiff and uncomfortable. If I move right away, even just walking up and down the hall while my coffee brews, I am so much better!
    I have an added complication of lower extremity lymphedema. When it is badly swollen, I am much stiffer and have a lot more pain. Exercising (moderate) along with therapeutic wrapping, helps to keep the fluid retention at a minimum and therefore helps me to be more comfortable.

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