Another Benefit of Exercising

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We all know the importance of exercising, especially when recuperating after a tkr. Go onto any online website and you’ll find tons of information about how aerobic exercise, in particular, provides so many benefits. Benefits include increasing endurance, longevity, respiratory functioning and lung capacity, enhancing mental outlook, decreasing depression, improving sleep, etc, etc. It also lowers your risks of developing any number of health ailments such as diabetes, heart disease and/or various forms of cancer.

Here’s another one. It makes breathing easier. It is easier to catch your breath. Even though you can read that respiratory functioning and lung capacity improve, like I mentioned in the above paragraph, what does that mean if you don’t experience it first-hand? It’s not as significant, in my opinion. It’s easy to read words. It’s not as easy to apply the words to real-life situations.

Here’s my story:
While swimming earlier this week, my pool time began by having to catch my breath more often than I wanted to. It was not fun. (Shortness of breath is an everyday occurrence, and has been for 35 years, due to a fractured C-1 caused by a car accident.)

After swimming one lap, suddenly, it was MUCH EASIER to take a deep, completely full breath. I could fill my diaphragm up without any distress whatsoever. What a FANTASTIC feeling!!

And…I didn’t have to catch my breath during the night. Wonderful….

So…hoping this post helps others going through the same thing.
Do you have any stories you’d like to share?

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