Another Advice Update

Hi my favorite readers! This site has been around for over five years and with that comes having to repeat myself. Only this time, the periods between discussions seem to be diminishing. The topic of discussion…once again….affects medical advice.

There is a Waiver of Liability clause on the left sidebar of this site. PLEASE READ IT. There is a reason I put it there.
Read it and become aware of the fact I am NOT a medical professional who dispenses advice.
I DO NOT know what you need to do.
I DO NOT know what is best for you.
I DO NOT know what your best alternative is.
In short…..kindly stop asking me for advice. Or, perhaps kindness is not the best way to get my point across. OK…stop asking for advice.
Stop asking me whether you can kneel, move a certain way, take a certain prescription, apply a certain lotion, etc. etc….I DO NOT KNOW WHAT IS BEST FOR YOU. Only you and your medical care provider know what is best.

Once again…..I only present my point of view and experiences throughout this site. As stated so many times throughout these pages, I know what works best for me. The tkr recuperation process has many similarities, but EVERYONE recuperates at his or her own level. Everyone is different.

PLEASE do not ask me what you ought to be doing. DO NOT ask me whether you should be using your bike for 5 or 15 minutes. DO NOT ask me whether you need a manipulation or not. Etc…Etc….I DO NOT KNOW.

I am not responsible for your health. You are. Or, at least you ought to be. If you are not responsible for your own health, shame on you.

If you want to give the responsibility for your health to someone else, give it to your medical care provider. Not me.

You can take a look around this site and find that a number of topics are discussed in details. You can learn how others have dealt with certain situations. Take what you read and apply it to your own situation. Only, do not lay the responsibility on me regarding whether it works or not.


Thanks for listening and good luck!
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