Another Reason to Swim

Hi my favorite readers. For the past year I’ve regularly been swimming as my form of exercise. There’s a reason for this…

Gym equipment is NO FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And..I don’t want to hear anyone say I need to develop a good attitude. Posh on that. 😕 I went to the gym today to utilize various pieces of equipment. A couple pieces worked out fine and dandy. But some others…Yikes…At one point a gentleman on the machine next to me saw me having adjustment problems with the foot pedal straps on the stationary bike. He asked..”Do you need some help?” Sweet man, but I was quietly chuckling to myself. I suddenly got visions of what I must have looked like trying to fit my lift-added shoe into the strap. I knew there must be a way to do it, it just needed to be done. And…it took time. I thanked him for his kindness and mentioned, “swimming is much more fun.” He didn’t know how to swim.

Then, once I started pedaling (or doing the best that I could with that motion…:) I’m sure it wasn’t a pretty sight.

Anyways…swimming makes exercising fun. Not only that, but it’s less tiring, easier to maneuver in, and less painful. Case closed.

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