Attending an Air Show after a Total Knee Replacement

OK, I may be stretching it here, but….here is some advice I can give about enjoying an air show while recuperating from a total knee replacement.  It’s been 5.5 months since my tkr, but my knee is still swollen and I am still working on regaining my flexibility.

  • Air shows are a great way to get some good walking exercise in while recuperating from a tkr. Or, they are good walking for anyone, period. :)  Air shows ROCK!
  • There is going to be a lot of walking. Some airfields are larger than others, so it depends.  If possible, walk on the pavement for best traction.  And, taxiways are usually quite smooth.  This is great for not being that concerned about your footing.
  • Watch out for large rocks.  These can cause havoc with your balance, which is probably already “iffy” .
  • Be careful of dirt and sudden “dips” while walking or standing.
  • Solid walking shoes.  This is very common sense.  However, after people watching, it’s amazing to me the types of shoes people meander about in.  I swear by my plain and simple, comfortable shoes.
  • Watch out for people walking without watching where they’re walking.  They’re everywhere. 🙂
  • If possible, park in the handicapped area.  It usually is in the front of the parking lot.  The drawback to this, however, is the fact that once the event is over….there is a LONG WAIT to depart the premises.
  • I found it helps me to get a sturdy, well balanced stance whenever the air show has my neck and head looking straight up.  (You know…sometimes planes reach high altitude..:) )
  • Enjoy the luxury of walking.
  • Feel your leg muscles work and be grateful they do.
  • And….enjoy the show!

I happened to have the priviledge of watching the USAF Thunderbirds.  Their red, white, and blue planes are spectacular to see.  What a great show!!

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