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Lifting Furniture After A TKR

Hi everyone! This is a reprint of a popular article/post of mine. I’m reprinting it due to receiving numerous requests regarding the subject matter – lifting furniture after a tkr. Enjoy! I haven’t been on here for a while since I’ve been moving. While moving I received insight into how lifting furniture affects my tkr. …

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Dog Walking for TKR Exercise

There was a recent article on the American Heart Association’s website about using dog walking as part of your exercise routine. The article prompted my recollection about a recent event… I just completed a dog-sitting gig with two of my friendly four-legged beasts. Actually, one is a mini-Schnauzer (sp?) and the other a Westie. A …

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Gulf Declaration

Please join me in signing the Gulf Declaration to end oil dependence…

TKR Scar Update

It’s been 2.5 years since my tkr and I wanted to share my scar appearance. Luckily, I can state it looks great. I feel very blessed and grateful for that since I know of other tkr patients who cannot say the same thing. Here’s the breakdown: 8” of my scar looks like a fine white …

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Golfing After A TKR

Hi everyone…Ouch…Yesterday I took part in a professionally-guided golf class. I haven’t golfed since before my tkr. It was an interesting and fun time. Golfing after a tkr insight: I didn’t give much thought to golfing after a tkr. How hard could it be? It’s not like playing a contact sport or running a marathon. …

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Joint Supplement Update

Hi my favorite readers! There are so many supplements on the marketplace anymore, it’s hard to know which ones work and which do not. After doing much research, it seems that glucosamine products were the way to go. Glucosamine is tied in with hyaluronic acid and helps keep the joints lubricated. I started taking a …

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