Writing Tips #2

Always be on the look out for successful people’s techniques. By following tried and trued methods of success, you can position yourself positively.

Staying motivated while writing can be difficult and boring. Try these methods to find some spark. Good luck!

Happy Valentine's Day!

Even though it’s not pleasing to see all the ads and commercialism centered around this day, Valentine’s Day still evokes many positive feelings in me.  I believe in romance, love flowers of any kind (yes, I consider dandelions a flower), and just love that shade of red flourishing on this day.  Plus, the chocolates and stuffed animals.  🙂

It’s especially cool to see couples gazing into each other’s eyes.  Just brings a smile to my face.  I have images of elderly people walking hand-in-hand and hope I get there.  True love never dies.

Perhaps this stems from elementary school when our class would share cards with everyone else.  It was exciting to open cards from that cute little boy. :)  It also was fun to give cards. Valentine’s Day was a day filled with food, fun, and sharing.
Hope springs eternal.  Perhaps someday …..poof!….there he is. My special Valentine.