Nonfiction vs Fiction

To help me decide which type of book I’ll write…let me break down the subcategories: Fiction: *mystery/suspense…a “who did it” kind of book.  These are fun to read, but I don’t want to write one now. *romance…as popular as these are, they’re just not my cup o’tea…I’d rather have the real thing…:) *biography…I don’t enjoy …

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What type of book will I write?

By type of book, I mean the following categories: *novel – meaning fictional, make believe. Mystery/suspense, biography, action-oriented, romance, and others fall into this category. *factual – nonfiction, real life. Personal essays (also known as autobiography), textbooks, how to guides, history, etc. fall into this category. That’s a short and simple explanation of book types.  …

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What will I write about?

Choosing A Topic… OK, so I am going to write a book. With so many avenues to choose from, what will I write about? How do I decide? First…what area do I consider myself an expert in? This is an important step since my confidence in this area will help my writing.  My expertise comes …

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Hello world!

Greetings everyone! We all have a story to tell. So, I figured I would start a blog to journalize my book writing experience.  In addition to helping myself keep on track, my blog is intended to help other future book writers. Enjoy!!