Badminton & A TKR

The other day a group of us put together a badminton game. People were asked if they wanted to play, and if so, teams were put together. It sounded like fun, so I went for it.

As we were choosing teams and badminton racquets, the thought about my tkr came into my mind. I hadn’t played any sports since my surgery, about 16 months ago (February 2008). I remember before my tkr how I couldn’t play anything like badminton or tennis since my knee would twist and cause extensive pain. I was curious to see how it would go since my new bionic knee and I have developed a very nice friendship. 🙂

What a blast! I didn’t turn quickly. Come to think of it, I didn’t move quickly. Sometimes by the time I got to the birdie, I was looking down at the ground at it. 🙁 What I lacked in speed and agility, I made up for in sound effects. Those came automatically and turns out were the life of the game. (Doesn’t everyone yell “HA!” when scoring? Or, “Loser!” when someone misses the birdie?) 😕

It was a real workout and I was totally pooped afterwards. Badminton was the perfect tension for me. The birdie is so light that there was no forceful returns (when I completed a return instead of watching it whiz by). A nice, easy lob. Tennis would have been too difficult.

Can’t wait to play again. 🙂

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