Better Late Than Never….Chicago Wins Calder Cup

The Chicago Wolves won the Calder Cup by defeating the Scranton Penguins (“baby pens”).  It was a great game to watch and even more fun to watch the celebrations.

It was televised on the NHL Network.  The coverage included the group photo and locker room celebrations.  This reminds me…

During the NBC coverage of the Stanley Cup Championship, there was no coverage of the group photo. I was fit to be tied!  That is a very special time for any hockey fan to see, especially one watching their beloved team WIN THE STANLEY CUP!!  It left me with a very empty feeling/void that just was not filled.  I was missing out on experiencing the joy of watching the jubilation of victory.  And, the way the cameras turned away from the individual players skating around while hoisting Stanley, drove me up the wall!  Save the interviews until we can see each of the players skate around with Stanley above their head.

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