Notice To My Readers…Beware Of Scammers!

Hi everyone. I just became aware of scammers visiting my site and contacting readers. Usually they contact those leaving comments. This appears to be very common nowadays with online communities. So…notice to my readers…Beware Of Scammers!

If anyone contacts you posing as me…Booktoots or MarieB….ignore them. They are known to ask for money or personal contact information. Most notably…the scammers are from Russia. How do I know? I check my Live Traffic daily and notice them and their failed login attempts to both this site and my comment section.

Know that I will NEVER ask for your money or personal contact information via my Comment Section. The only time I ask for money is if you are purchasing one of my books.

It is too bad things like this are happening, but we are living in upheaval times.

Find this tkr blog post about beware of scammers interesting? Kindly share so everyone can be aware and safe.

Author Note: Booktoots Healing is an award-winning site that is owned and operated by Marie Buckner, a published author, tkr patient, and tkr blogger who is living with various health conditions such as leg length discrepancy, double vision, total knee replacement, and after affects of various injuries. She enjoys sharing her personal experiences to help others feel less alone.

Marie is also a proud WEGO Health Patient Leader. WEGO Health has recently become part of Health Union. Visit them at

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