Bode Miller Interview

Bode Miller just won Olympic Bronze. During his post-race interview, Christin Cooper badgered him about the recent death of his brother. Instead of positively reflecting on his marvelous accomplishment, the man broke down into tears. And…the camera stayed on him for a solid minute. It was appalling to witness.

NBC “reporting” has sunk to new lows, in my opinion. Christin Cooper deserves to be fired. NBC needs to rethink its “reporting” ethics which concentrate only on getting a “good story”. Since when is a personal tragedy a newsworthy story? There is absolutely no excuse for this atrocious form of questioning. And…to have the network go back into the studios and have us hear Matt Lauer comment about Miller’s emotional reaction (as if the entire episode was acceptable reporting behavior) was another example of overstepping boundaries. The entire event leaves a sickening feeling in my stomach.

It’s bad enough that the general public seems to think that they are entitled to know about the personal lives of athletes and celebrities, but to take a elite accomplishment and turn it into a personal tragedy is dispicable. Bode Miller deserves better.

Shame on NBC, those involved with the episode, their airing of the interview segment, and their entire “reporting” standards. This interview was re-aired during prime time. The network had plenty of time to edit out this horrendous segment.

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