Book writing project

I have been working on my book and realize it’s going to take much longer than I had thought.  Seems that every time I start to write about a topic, another one pops into my mind.  What’s pretty, cool, though is the way I start writing about a topic and it triggers something else (memory) about another event occuring during that same time.  That’s why it is going to take so long.  Oh well…

I have set up folders for each topic.  When I write about subtopics, the papers are put into the folders.  Sometimes, as I remember events, a page now contains only a few trigger words.  Whatever it takes.

As a side note, today I’ve spent about two hours writing on my book.

2 thoughts on “Book writing project”

  1. I admire your organization & perserverance! Writers write, and you certainly do write. A lot of people only fantasize about writing, or have a passion to do so, but don’t act on their love of writing. You’re a good example of someone who is dedicating time and putting in the requisite energy to get the job done. Kudos!

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