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TKR Pre-Op Book
Are you planning on undergoing the major surgery of a total knee replacement and think you have all the information you need to get ready? Think again.

When I started going through the process of preparing for my total knee replacement surgery, like other patients, I was given some standardized information about the surgery. The information was good, but did not give me everything I needed to know. In fact, it gave me less than 50% of what I needed to know to successfully prepare for my surgery.

You need to know much more than how to tape down electrical cords and throw rugs in your surroundings. What about refrigerator logistics? Icing tools? Recuperation/Sick room set up? Pantry stocking? Or, insurance negotiations? And, much more…I am sharing my first hand experience throughout this e-book to help others going through the same thing.

I wish a book like this was available when I was preparing for my major surgery. It would have made it much easier. And…Who better to write this e-book than someone who has gone through it twice – for the same surgery!?

So, learn about the inside secrets of what to do to get ready for having your total knee replacement surgery and make an easy transition into the arduous recuperation process. Or, buy this e-book for someone you know is going through the surgery. They will be glad you did.

My 32-page e-book is stuffed to the brim with information about what it takes for you to cover all your bases while preparing for your total knee replacement surgery.

Well, the introductory period has ended and initial copies have sold out. Thank you! Congrats on realizing the importance of being fully prepared for your tkr and recuperation. So, as previously mentioned, the price is going back to the everyday offering of ONLY $20. Nowhere else are you going to find such useful information for so little.

Thanks for dropping by and best luck to you, my fellow tkr friend!

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Dealing With Insomnia After a TKR Book
Having trouble sleeping after your total knee replacement? I know I was. After receiving so many life stories from readers, I compiled them into an informative 90-page paperback book titled “Dealing With Insomnia.”

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Why Do You Talk That Way?
I am proud to announce the new release of my 76-page book titled “Why Do You Talk That Way?”. It is a real-life story of what it is like to wake up and find yourself in the Intensive Care Unit having to recuperate from a number of life-threatening injuries, including the topic of this book – a fractured mandible (jaw). This first part of my book series takes readers on a journey from in-patient care and jaw wiring surgery to living in everyday society.

3 Bonus sections include specially developed recipes, bone-building foods and nutrients, and jaw exercises (some developed from first-hand experience). Readers will also learn about other valuable resources.

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