Breaking In a New Shoe Lift

Recently, I found out I needed an additional 3/4” shoe lift on my tkr leg. My legs, as I’ve written about before, are different lengths due to a femur fracture caused by a car accident.

Well, that new shoe lift is really something. The lift is made out of the traditional crepe. When added onto the other 3/4” already on my shoe, it weighs more than the average shoe. A lot more, actually. It’s more like a heavy hiking boot. Yikes. My ankle is paying for it.

Walking with my new shoe lift is a natural ankle strengthening exercise. 🙂 I have to look at it positively, because what’s the good in looking at the opposite? (Not that I haven’t, mind you..) The added weight has caused additional strain upon my ankle. Ouch. Good thing there’s the old standby known as R.I.C.E. Equaling rest, ice, compression and elevation. I wrap up my ankle every night, elevate it on some towels and watch hockey playoffs. Woohoo!!

Thought I’d share this in case others are going through the same thing.

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