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Hi everyone. This popped into my mind last night and thought it worthy enough to include here. So…When initially hospitalized after my car accident, I was continually asked the same question. Every morning the doctors would make their daily rounds and when they surrounded my bed, I was asked “Can you wiggle your toes?” Why?

As I have written previously about, one injury I ‘suffered’ was a spinal column injury. My first cervical vertebrae (aka a “C-1”) was fractured. It was a clear break that required laying flat with sand bags on each side of my head.

One of the common injuries sustained after a fractured C-1 is paralysis. How did I know? I asked.

First, the doctors would remove the sheets from covering my feet. One would feel my toe temperature to see how well my blood was circulating. Then, it was time to show whether or not my toes could move. “Can you wiggle your toes?” I heard. It took all the energy I had to show them I could.

Picture a pair of feet here….

I do not remember how much my toes moved, only that they moved. The doctors all exhaled signs of relief when this happened. I silently did so.

When first introduced to this technique, I was too drugged to wonder what was going on. As I regained some of my faculties, I began getting annoyed with this daily question. “What do you mean can I wiggle my toes?! Of course I can,” I would think. After I found out why I was being asked it, my annoyance turned into interest and strong concern.

I am one of the lucky individuals who did not experience any level of paralysis from this fracture. I have always been grateful for how some medical information/status was held back from me during my initial hospitalization stays. It was for the betterment.

Hopefully, this helps others going through the same thing.

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AUTHOR NOTE: Booktoots’ Healing helps total knee replacement patients find support throughout recuperation and beyond. Its mission is for patients to understand they are not alone in their ordeal with either a tkr or other physical concerns.

This site is owned and operated by Marie Buckner, a published author and tkr patient who has been living with various physicalities for over 40+ years. She enjoys sharing her experiences to help others going through the same thing.

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