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Announcing “My 45 Years of Living With Double Vision” Ebook available for sale. By a patient for a patient.

Worried About Scars? Try This….

In an interview on the NHL Network today, Johnny Bower a retired NHL goaltending legend, gave his secret for getting rid of his scars and wrinkles….

“They sell this stuff called cocoa butter,” he said. Then, he went on to say how he had huge scars around his mouth area. (He received 45 stitches from when a puck hit him in the face. He played goalie before the mask was developed.) “Eddie Short said, “’ve got a couple of bad scars there. Why don’t you try using cocoa butter?”

Bower went on to say, “I had never heard of that before and was kind of skeptical since no one liked Eddie Short.” He then tried the stuff and it worked. “My scars have disappeared and so have my wrinkles,” he said.

Bower was talking about something during this interview, then said…”I forgot what I was saying. Sometimes I forget my wife’s name.” Funny stuff. 🙂

Very cool interview from NHL Live! And the NHL Network. There’s a show on the NHL Network on Sunday titled “50 Years Behind the Mask”. It’s about the history of the goalie mask. Can’t wait!

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Even for readers of mine who are not Irish, it is a day to be enjoyed anyways. Here are some suggestions for sharing the delights of this special, fun day.

Enjoy some Soda Bread (it’s really easy to make),
Drink a glass of green beer (in my case a cup of green tea..:) )
Wear something green.
Send some friends lucky clovers.
Listen to some great Irish jigs.
Better yet, play some Irish tunes. “Emigrant Reel” is one of my favorites, along with “Irish Washerwoman”. Others: Danny Boy, Killarney, and my all-time favorite: MY WILD IRISH ROSE (woohoo!!!)

Just be certain that if you die your hair green (as one of my friends did), the color can wash out. 🙂


Riding Buses & Climbing Stairs

Upon doing both of the above during yesterday, and recuperating today…I have penned the following poem:

Riding buses is kind of cheap,
Let others do the driving,
Sit in the right seat.

Know your schedule,
Don’t go astray,
Let that be a lesson,
To have a great day.

Climbing stairs for exercise,
Is easy to do upon sun’s rise,

Climbing stairs at day’s end,
Makes for aching bones,
That makes no amends.

A Fitness Related Business Idea

After thinking about the health clubs and their drawbacks, I came up with a business idea that I believe would solve the dilemma that I and many others may have. It’s the perfect business for the fitness oriented person who wants to help others help themselves.

My idea involves a private gym which affords the luxury of space, equipment usage, and individual workouts.

What does it entail? Renting out a private gym for a client’s workout. The user would need to make an appointment, thereby having the luxury of an individualized workout without all the clutter of mass-produced gyms. And, no, I’m not talking about having a personal trainer with one all the time. (Nothing against personal trainers intended.)

The business owner would be able to purchase exercise equipment and get a tax write off for it. There also would be tax write-offs for home usage (if needed). Or, if space is rented out, there’s a tax benefit for that.

One always hears about home businesses and the benefits they entail. Why not a private gym? Any room with a separate entrance from the rest of the house would be a great location for this.

The space could be rented out per hour or per month, depending. The only drawback I can see is the fact the owner would have to have a main interest in helping others gain fitness and not make major greenbacks in return. “Charge a reasonable rate” would be part of the mission statement. Perhaps a non-profit designation could be obtained.

I’m picturing a physical therapy type room but without all the doctors’ approvals and health insurance hoopla. Just a couple pieces of heavy equipment (I.e. Treadmill, exercise bike, leg extender, shoulder/arm), exercise balls, and mats. And, there needs to be room to move around in. Nothing fancy. Just plain and simple. No stereo system is required. Nor are any televisions with headsets. (Every time I see those in a professional gym I think to myself “get real”.) If the individual wants to bring their own private headset with music (it used to be called a Walkman…yes, I’m dating myself. Now, I think I-pod is the term) – that’s fine.

If anything like this exists now, I’d be the first to jump at it. I just don’t know of any now. How exciting to get a good workout while using professional equipment without all the inconveniences of a sardine-packed gym.

Thank you for listening to my fitness related business idea. I hope you enjoyed it.  It would be great for those done with physical therapy but not wanting to go to a ‘pro’ gym.